Goats 3v3 League-Winter

The Delco Goats are excited to announce our "Survive and Advance" Coed 3v3 League.  The league will run from January 18th-February 22nd on Monday nights at the Glen Mills School.  The games will run from 7:30-9:30 and teams will play 4 games in 1 hour.  Players must form their own teams and designate their team name and parent rep at the time of signup.  The cost is $132 per player and each team must have 4-6 players.  Full list of rules will be provided.  Come out and join in the fun and compete!  To register please click here.  To get a list of rules click here.

When will I get my schedule?
The last day to register is January 14th.  Schedules should be out by January 16th.  

When will my team play?
Teams will play for an hour each Monday night.  Younger age groups we will try and schedule in the first hour.  

Does my team have to be coed?
No, but there are a good mix of coed teams registered and we will try to have them face the other coed teams.  All teams will face one another in pool play.  We will do our best to matchup all teams that are all one gender against one another.  If possible we will have pure boy and pure girls teams separated for the older divisions.

How are the divisions created?
The divisions are going to be by grade level.

"Plays are not as important as players, and players are not as important as teammates."